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Atobility 5 inch Motorcycle Dash Cam

Atobility 5 inch Motorcycle Dash Cam

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Key Features:

Wireless Apple CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto

Seamlessly integrate your smartphone with your motorcycle, allowing you to access essential features such as GPS navigation, calls, music, and more, all from a convenient, smart touch screen. With Siri Voice Control/Google Assistant, control is at your fingertips or by voice command, ensuring a safe and convenient riding experience.

Easy Installation, Universal Fit

Our portable carplay screen comes with bracket kits and tools for easy mounting on the motorcycle handle. The simple wiring (ACC +12V and Ground) ensures a hassle-free installation. The mount is designed to guard against drops and vibration, ensuring stability and durability.

Waterproof & Anti-Theft Design

Ride with confidence knowing that our motorcycle GPS features a rugged, ipx7 waterproof design. The thief-proof detachable capacitive touchscreen remains under your control, even in challenging weather conditions.

Dual Bluetooth Connectivity

Pair your phone to the carplay touch screen via Bluetooth and pair the unit to your Bluetooth helmet or earphone. This allows you to adjust volume, switch songs, and make hands-free calls directly from your helmet or earphone. Dual channels Bluetooth wireless connection provides convenience and safety.

HD Touch Screen

Enjoy a clear view of your navigation and other information on the 5-inch IPS high-brightness screen. The 800x480 HD IPS screen offers optimal visibility without obstructing your view while riding. The removable sun visor effectively blocks sunlight, ensuring clear visibility at all times.

Dual Lens Driving Recorder

Capture every moment on the road with the dual-lens driving recorder. Featuring front and rear cameras with F1080P+R1080P resolution and H.264 compression, you can ride with added safety and peace of mind.


Monitor your tire pressure in real-time with the included tire pressure sensors. The TPMS system alerts you to any pressure abnormalities, ensuring your safety on the road.


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