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Atobility 10" Portable Apple CarPlay Screen with back up camera, ADAS, Mirror and Voice Control

Atobility 10" Portable Apple CarPlay Screen with back up camera, ADAS, Mirror and Voice Control

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ATOBILITY A10:  Make Car Multimedia system Easily!

If you're looking for portable carplay stereo that fits nicely inside the car with no struggle. Then Atobility A10 Portable Apple CarPlay & Android Auto  Screen is your answer! 

Atobility A10 car stereo touch screen with a brand new appearance provides a unique way to upgrade your car infotainment system. Wireless apple carplay  and Android auto, back up camera, built-in navigation, ADAS safety alerts, Wi-Fi connectivity, voice commands and with Bluetooth/AUX/FM , making it the ultimate companion for any journey.

Key Features:

Three Audio Modes 

The built-in microphone enables hands-free calling and music playback via Bluetooth. Additionally, Atobility A10 portable carplay screen supports FM and AUX connections, offering independent sound playback. synchronize your car audio system with the dash cam, providing you with a seamless auditory experience. Whether you prefer wireless or wired connections.With Bluetooth 4.2, enjoy crystal-clear calls and stable sound quality. 

10" Full HD Touch Screen with Dual Channel Recording

10" HD touch screen with responsiveness. The 4K front camera on this carplay radio captures the entire scene with a 170° ultra-wide field of vision, and the 1080P back camera offers a broader field of view and better image quality.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

With the integrated ADAS Driver Assistance System, safety comes first. Detect potential collisions and track offsets with front vehicle collision warning. Gain real-time insights into distances from vehicles ahead through video, radar, and sonar monitoring. Enjoy proactive interventions that enhance parking, lane positioning, and collision avoidance, optimizing overall vehicle safety.


Lightning-Fast 5GHz High-Speed Wi-Fi

Experience lightning-fast wireless connectivity with our latest 5GHz Wi-Fi technology. Enjoy smoother video transmission and quicker data transfers for a seamless experience


Smart Voice Control

Connect your device's Siri or Google Assistant to make calls and play your favorite music while staying focused on driving.

GPS Navigation

Use GPS navigation to take charge of your travel. No matter where you're going, you may enjoy flawless navigation by downloading your chosen GPS maps to internal memory.


Loop Recording & G-Sensor

Atobility A10 car touch screen automatically deletes unlocked video clips when the memory card is full, ensuring space for new footage. Emergency footage is locked, providing crucial evidence when needed.

Mobile App Interconnection

Stay in control with Mobile App Connect. Our app features in-app video download and live view, allowing you to view, download, and save videos captured on your dashboard in real time from your phone. The best part? No cellular data is generated in the process


24 Hours Parking Monitoring

Maintain continuous power with the included ACC line, connecting the carplay screen directly to your car's battery, even when the ignition is off. Support 24-hour uninterrupted power supply and parking monitoring and time-lapse recording.

Easy Installation & Removal

Professional installations are no more. With its self-adhesive backing, this apple carplay screen may be attached securely to your dashboard. Additionally, a suction bracket is included that can be put to the windshield.  enabling flexible installation and removal.


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