Are Mirror Dashcams Worth It?

Are Mirror Dashcams Worth It?


Some car owers say that they want set up an infortainment system screen on the dash, their dashboards did not have proper space to set it up.

So here we have a solution to that problem - the Smart Rear View Mirror. Let's unveil it and see what features it offers. Inside the box we find the smart rear view mirror itself. We also get a parking monitor module, rear camera, power supply that connects via cigarette lighter port, a suction cup mount, audio cable and instruction manual.

The rear view mirror base has a jack to install your dash cam or micro SD card. It also has space for the GPS module. On the back you get dual mic options and a physical button. The included camera is capable of 4K recording and video quality is very good.

First, we connect to the mirror's wireless display via Bluetooth on your phone. Once paired, it will show the front camera feed on half the screen.

We can also check the wireless Android Auto function. When tapped, it automatically pairs with your phone via Bluetooth when in range. You can then access maps and apps just like a regular Android Auto head unit. Video and audio quality are both excellent from the mirror.

The only missing feature is that it does not offer a full touchscreen, but otherwise this is a very good option for adding a rear view camera and dash cam functionality without permanently modifying your vehicle.

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