how to install apple carplay in old car?

how to install apple carplay in old car?

If you car is old model and and doesn’t support carplay. Is there a way to install apple carplay in your car? Today we going to show you how to put Apple carplay or Android auto into any old car or vehicle that might not have those features using this awesome device AT 10. it takes just couple of seconds



What is AT 10?

It is a special car infotainment system that offers more features for older cars. It comes with a special mount, parking monitor, ADAS system and wireless connectivity for apple Apple and Android auto.


How to Install?

The whole installation is pretty straightforward and simple. Firstly, we clean up the surface from oils or dust that way the double-sided tape will have a better bonding to the freshly cleaner surface. And it will not fall down when we're heating some rough roads.  We press firmly on the unit down as much as we can. At the same time, be careful not to break anything on the dash. After installation, it looks and matches the dashboard color.

Secondly, We lay the power cord behind the dashboard and then go underneath the floor mat and plug into the 12vt cigarette lighter port. You just turn on your car key then the device will boot up in seconds.




What it brings to old cars?


Wireless apple carplay and Android auto

If your old car doesn't have Carplay or Android Auto. With the product, you can connect your phone with the device via bluetooth. It will automatically connect when this unit Powers up. You will not have to plug your phone through the USB cable to this unit. Then you can use google maps, Youtube, Netfliex etc.



10.26 inch touch screen

This portable 10.26 inch HD touch screen can replace your old car radio, which upgrade your car use experience without retrofitting. And this is the lowest cost to get all new features in the old car.



ADAS Assistance

Supports forward vehicle collision warning and trajectory offset. It also detects the distance to the preceding vehicle. Through video, radar and sonar monitoring, drivers are warned of the need for prior intervention. It makes driving processes such as parking assistance, lane alignment and collision avoidance more intelligent and automated to improve vehicle safety performance (GPS is required to enable FVDW function).


Multil audio outputs

We also get an aux cable so that we can connect this device to the aux of our car. you need to set its frequency the same as the radio. Allowing it to play through your speakers  If your car infotainment system has a Bluetooth option, then you can connect it through Bluetooth.



GPS Mount

Many people do not understand what this GPS mount is for. Basically, if you install the GPS mount, then any footage, any video made by the dash cam, through this GPS mount. It will exactly show where and at what speed the car was driven, how much acceleration was add.


Front and rear camares recording

The dash cam is equipped with a 170°ultra-wide-angle lens and the resolution of 3840 * 2160P. The AHD camera has ultra-wide viewing angle of 140 °. The front camrea is 4K and the rear camea is 1080P with waterproof.



The Advantages

 It offers wireless connectivity, screen mirroring, navigation and camera support features while being compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

It can be easily installed in the car and allows connecting phones, tablets etc via Bluetooth or WiFi. It supports audio, video playback and navigation. Sensors and cameras provide features like traffic alerts and parking assist

AT 10 is best way to install apple carplay in your old car. And it is no doubt that a successful upgrade for old vehicles

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