AT5 Motorcycle Navigation System with Extra Features

AT5 Motorcycle Navigation System with Extra Features

First Impression

This is a motorcycle navigation system that with wireless Bluetooth connectivity. With this system, additional features are included that can greatly enhance your riding safety.



(1)The first feature is tire pressure monitoring system. This will monitor the tire pressure of your bike in real-time and display it on the screen for you.

 (2)The second feature is dual cameras. These 1080p cameras can be installed on the front and rear of your bike and will record your rides.


This could come in handy if you find yourself in a situation where you need proof of your innocence but have no available evidence or witnesses. In such a case, this device will come to your rescue.


(3)It mentions that it is ipx7 waterproof, meaning it will not get damaged even if fully submerged in water from the bottom. It also says it is a waterproof navigator.



(4)Some features mentioned include a 5-inch touch panel display with 800 nits of brightness, ipx7 waterproof level, micro SD card slot.



Inside the box

the first thing you get is a user manual. Next is the motorcycle navigation system itself, which has three cables - one to power it and two to connect the front and rear cameras.

Additional accessories include the rear camera, mounting screws, front camera, tire pressure monitoring sensor, mounting for the handlebar, sunshade for the navigation system, tool for tire pressure monitoring system, and a sturdy plastic mount.





The first option, driving recorder - tapping it will activate the rear camera we installed. Swiping will show the front camera, and so on to swap between views. This red button is for starting/stopping the recording.




The next option is for photos, video lock which will be saved even after formatting. You can also record surrounding audio or not. This slider button changes the camera view.



If we press and play a video, it will come up in fullscreen as well which we can exit. Settings give options for camera format, resolution, loop recording duration and more.


Brightness settings

If we increase it, you can see our screen has become bright. we have kept it at 0 and still the display quality is awesome.



You want to run carplay or android auto, you need to pair it with your iPhone or Android smart phone via bluetooth



Tire pressure monitoring

It is showing 34 PSI in front and 34 PSI in rear. I have set the alarm at 24 and 34, so as soon as it goes below this, it will immediately warn us.



App control

Download app on the phone and it is called Doorpop app.Then go to WiFi here and connect it .

It is showing MT 503 dt and 12345 as its password. After connecting we can very easily download all our recorded videos onto our phone from here. We just need to go to camera files.

Tapping on camera files here, it is showing all the footage. Just tap any footage to download, and you will get this footage directly on your phone. Have a look at how fast it is downloading.




suppose you have any intercom, then you can connect via this Bluetooth. Also, if you want to connect your Bluetooth earbuds, you can do it from here only.

If you have any smart helmet, it will connect with this device via here. Once connected with this device, our phone will also remain connected directly. So overall, this was the explanation of its settings and features.


Overall experience

The visibility is quite good on the display. Its rear camera video feed is also properly working. At night I had to keep the display brightness at zero mainly because I was able to see everything very clearly at that brightness level.

 This display panel is also looking good. Even if we ride with display off, we can do that - mind you only the display is turning off, rides will keep recording.

 This is the night footage from rear camera. Both of the camra are 1080P that can capture all things very clear day and night. Below it is showing time stamp, GPS coordinates and speed - which is very vital information.



Final conclusion

About this motorcycle infotainment system. I would say this is definitely an upgrade to the previous motorcycle infotainment systems with certain upgrades like tire pressure monitoring system and dual camera which are recording your rides.

This is definitely going to keep you safe on the roads as well as inform you about your bike. Some things can be improved if screen size was a bit bigger that would have been better.

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